22kW AC Onboard Charger

Would you like to have 22kW AC onboard charger for your Model 3 Y?

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  • I'm happy with provided 11kW AC charger

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I'm trying to convince Tesla to re-introduce dual charger option at least for Model 3/Y. I'm currently gathering community support for my petition (link here) and I also lead a forum thread (link here) with additional information and explanation of my rationale.

If there is anyone who would also be interested in this feature, please support me here.

I will certainly not invest further time into discussions whether this feature is useful or 11kW is sufficient. I just want to address people who are convinced that this is useful and want to support me. The only way I can push this to Tesla is to gather a large number of signatures.

Just for info, if anyone is interested what are my reasons, here it is in short:
  • I don't have a private wallbox
  • I live just 500m from shopping center with public wallbox in underground garage
  • After 2h I do not pay only for energy but additional fee applies for being connected and also for parking
  • I currently drive Zoe (ZE50, R135, Intens, 52kWh, 22kW AC charger), this car will charge there to 100% within 2h but I would love to switch to Tesla

Thanks in advance for your support!

so far nobody casted any vote and based on data dump below, nobody from Netherland supported me. If there is anybody who would like to advise me what I'm doing wrong I will appreciate it. Netherland is one of the biggest EV markets and I'm surprised that nobody would be interested. Any advise on popular Netherland EV forum or FB group where people might be interested would be highly appreciated.


If anybody is interested how my effort is going, I have just dumped fresh data. Support is growing but not exactly overwhelming
I have exactly 0 supporters in Netherland which is surprising to me considering you are EV market #2 in EU after Norway. If anybody would be willing to help me promote this in your country and possibly advise on a popular forum/FB group where people might be interested, I will appreciate it.

I will try to provide a bit of background why I started this petition. I live in Prague/CR and do not have my private wallbox. Closest DC charger is 7km from me, I have to drive there, risk that it will be occupied (yes I have an app telling me occupancy) and wait for charge.

Closest AC charger is just 500m from me, I can just plug my car, go home and pick it up when charged. The point why faster is:

1) Economy (after 2h parking fee, occupancy fee...)
2) Efficiency - same network will serve 2x drivers

One utility company in Prague figured out that to put an AC wallbox on a trafostation/light poll cost them close to nothing and they will get additional business almost for free (I believe that this idea could be easily replicated in other cities/countries, this is important for densely populated areas where people do not have their own dedicated socket). They are growing them in numbers very rapidly and they are all 22kW. I like this idea and that is why I started the petition.

I will be happy if anybody would be willing to share with me if he/she is in a similar situation and how did you solve it?